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Help End Surprise Medical Bills - AB 72

The California Labor Federation as well as Labor United for Universal Healthcare have both asked for your support on this important piece of Legislation.

Right now, Californians who follow the rules of their health plan and visit an in-network clinic or health care facility can get hit with an out-of-network charge from a provider at that facility, such as an anesthesiologist or radiologist, that they likely had no ability to choose and may not have even met. This practice is unjust and can mean financial calamity for many families—but there is a solution. As early as this week, the State Senate will be voting on AB 72, to prevent these unexpected medical bills. 

Help end surprise Medical bills by contacting your Senator now.

Some kinds of surprises are not so good. If you've been to the hospital lately, then you know surprise medical bills can be devastating. Nearly 1 in 4 Californians over the past two years got a medical bill in which the insurer paid less than they expected, leaving them to pay.

An important new law being considered in California — AB 72 — is our best chance to end surprise medical bills in the state once and for all. A few weeks ago, a Senate committee gave the bill a green light but a floor vote coming up in the next few days will decide whether working people win or lose. Powerful medical interest groups are doing everything in their power to defeat the bill.

The Senate floor vote will happen any day, so we must act now.


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