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Los Angeles
12/08 MPEG Screening "Jackie"
01/14 MPEG Board of Directors Meeting
New York
12/10 Premiere Pro Overview - WORKSHOP
12/10 Premiere Pro Overview - WORKSHOP
12/14 "Jackie" (MPEG Screening)
12/17 ProTools Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

The Editors Guild congratulates its film editor member Anne V. Coates, ACE, upon the announcement September 1 that she will receive an honorary Oscar statuette at the Academy of Arts and Sciences' 8th Annual Governors Awards on Saturday, November 12, along with three other stalwarts of the motion picture industry. The other recipients are actor Jackie Chan, casting director Lynn Stalmaster and documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman.

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Nominations for the 68th annual Emmy Awards were announced on July 14. The Motion Picture Editors Guild congratulates all of the nominees in the post-production categories. The awards for those categories will be announced at the Creative Arts Awards and Ball, which takes place on two consecutive nights — September 10 and 11 — at the Microsoft Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, and will air on ABC-TV on Saturday, September 17 — the night before the Primetime Emmy Awards. Leslie Bloome (pictured) earned two nominations in the Outstanding Sound Editing for a Nonfiction Program category — as a sound editor on "Cartel Land," and as a Foley artist on the "Lack of Humility" episode of "Making a "Murderer." Photo by John Clifford. Click on the link above to see all of the nominations in the post-production categories.

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Sometimes music editors, more so than composers, find themselves working consistently on similar kinds of movies at different times during their careers. Rarely, however, does a music editor work on projects of such vastly different genres within a short time as Brian Bulman (pictured) found himself doing recently. The hugely diverse results of his efforts will be seen in the August release of two movies — the R-rated potty-mouthed animated comedy, 'Sausage Party,' and the third theatrical feature adaptation of Lew Wallace’s Biblical epic, 'Ben-Hur.'

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If you're in New York and involved in post, the daylong Sight, Sound & Story is a not-to-miss annual gathering that you don’t want to mix. Now in its fourth year, it is organized and run ably by Josh Apter and the Manhattan Editors Workshop staff.
One lovely Saturday this summer, over 300 editors, filmmakers, and post-production professionals opted to pack the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway for a full day of panels focused on the art of editing documentary films, episodic TV and visual effects.

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Editors Guild

'Moonlight' Named Best Picture by L.A. Film Critics
Moonlight was named this year's best picture by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association on Sunday. The critics group gave its best editing award not to a narrative feature but to Ezra Edelman's epic documentary O.J.: Made in America. (La La Land was the editing runner-up.)

Animation Guild’s Steve Hulett Retires

Warner Brothers and Universal in Premium VOD Talks

DGA, AMPTP Talks Begin December 5

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EPI: Employment Fell Because of the Great Recession, Not the Minimum Wage
"Beginning in 2007, there were two major developments in the US economy," writes Ben Zipperer for the Economic Policy Institute. "The federal minimum wage rose in steps from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour, and overall employment growth slowed significantly as the country began its descent into the Great Recession."

GOP Plans New Assault on Unions

AFL-CIO: Stay in a Fair Hotel This Holiday Season and Support Working Families

Experts: Trump’s Tax Breaks May Not Be Enough to Keep Jobs in US

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"Printing huge color backgrounds was very challenging. The light-sensitive material called Kodak Duratrans was 6 feet wide by 100 feet long, and a 40 by 100 feet backdrop required printing in panels that were seamed together after processing. The raw, light-sensitive material had to be handled in total darkness, and color matching all the panels precisely at the seaming point required extensive testing and using all the tricks in the book to achieve."

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