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The Sound Effects: How Far Can You Go? panel, from left, Mandell Winter, MPSE, Scott Gershin, MPSE, moderator David Bondelevitch, MPSE, CAS, Greg Hedgpath, MPSE, Richard King and Will Files.


report and photos by Mel Lambert
“Sound Design is storytelling — that may seem obvious, but it’s worth reminding ourselves on a regular basis,” keynote speaker Mark Mangini, MPSE (pictured), told the 500 attendees at September 26's The Art of Sound Design: Music, Effects and Dialogue in an Immersive World conference, hosted by Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City. “Sound editors and re-recording mixers should be authors of a film’s content, and take creative risks.”
Mark Mangini, MPSE.
The event was organized by NewBay Media, publishers of MIX magazine. Sponsors included Cinema Audio Society, Motion Picture Sound Editors, Dolby, DTS, Avid, Yamaha, JBL Professional, Meyer Sound and Formosa Group. “I always try to emphasize why I did something and not how I did it,” Mangini continued.
“To understand the ‘why,’" he continued, I break down the script into story arcs and develop a sound script so that I can reference the dramatic beats rather than the visual cues, and articulate that language of storytelling using sound.”
Mel Lambert has been intimately involved with production industries on both sides of the Atlantic for more years than he cares to remember. He is principal of Content Creators, a Los Angeles-based copywriting and editorial service, and can be reached at; 818.558-3924. He is also a 30-year member of the UK’s National Union of Journalists.
Scroll down for more images from the conference:
The Music: Composing, Editing and Mixing Beyond 5.1 panel, from left: Andy Koyama, CAS, Bill Abbott, MPSE, Joseph Magee, CAS, moderator Dennis Sands, CAS, Steven Saltzman, MPSE,and Will Kaplan ,MPSE.
The A Dialogue on Dialogue: From Set to Screen panel, from left: Lee Orloff ,CAS, Teri Dorman, CAS president Mark Ulano, moderator Jeff Wexler, CAS, Gary Bourgeoi,s CAS, Marla McGuire MPSE and Steve Tibbo, CAS.
The Mix: Immersive Sound, Film and Television panel, from left, Gregory Watkins, CAS, Martyn Zup, CAS, Jeremy Pearson, CAS, moderator/Mix editor Tom Kenny, Onnalee Blank, CAS, Mike Minkler, CAS and Mathew Waters, CAS.
The interior of Sony Pictures Studio's Kim Novak Theatre during The Art of Sound Design conference.
All images courtesy of NewBay Media


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