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Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund (CSATTF) has approved a new budget for 2016/2017 Skills Training.  Members who would like to participate in this program will need to download the program application forms from this page: .
The two links to the right of the page in the purple column, under Local 700's section, provide links to the vendor-provided training applications.  The links are sorted according to Vendor and are titled "List of Courses and application", and "Additional courses and application".  Participants will need to download one of the two applications based on the course and facility they wish to attend. Please download and read the application carefully, it contains two (2) forms. Members planning on taking multiple courses will need to fill out separate applications for each course. All forms MUST be completed, signed and returned to CSATTF PRIOR to signing up and paying for the class. Allow 1-2 weeks for processing. The vendor-provided applications cover training that will take place at local facilities which have been approved by CSATTF.
The link located in the green column accesses the local-provided application, which will cover courses held at the Guild office. Members wanting to take local-provided training will need to fill out this application AFTER the date(s) and time(s) have been established for the courses.  Course details, such as date and time, will be announced via email blasts and will be available on the Guild's online calendar. Applications should be submitted 1-2 weeks PRIOR to the course date to allow for processing.
Program eligibility is based on members' roster status, so it's important that members check with CSATTF in advance to signing up for a course to determine eligibility. 


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