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Learn About Switch!


Switch is an award-winning multi-format media player and inspection tool for broadcast and media professionals. Switch opens and plays virtually any media file, displays, detailed information about that file, and lets users make changes to the file – saving time and ensuring higher accuracy in media inspection.

In this live webinar you’ll get a full tour and demonstration of Switch Pro, covering media playback, embedded captions/subtitles, deep media inspection as well as export capabilities.

Who Should Attend?

New and existing Switch customers will get great value out of attending this webinar. If you are looking for one tool that lets you play professional media formats, spot-check embedded captions, review, or remap audio tracks and channels, or output an iTunes package file, then you’ll want to know about Switch.

What You Will Learn:

  • Switch’s advantages in playing advanced media formats (MXF, MTS, HEVC, etc.)
  • How to use Switch to QC embedded captions (608,708) as well as subtitle files like SCC, DVB, TTML (iTT and SMPTE-TT captions), and webVTT subtitle files
  • How to use the Switch inspector to QC and inspect your media files
  • How to pass-through, export and prepare packages for iTunes

If you can't attend, but don't want to miss this session, go ahead and sign up! We'll email you a link to the recorded webinar!



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