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FilmLight Colour Workshop


Daniele Siragusano, FilmLight's workflow specialist, leads a seminar on the challenges & workflows for colour management today.

Location: FilmLight | 1107 N El Centro Avenue | Los Angeles CA 90038
Date: Thursday, 27 October
Time: 3-5:00pm

In this in-depth workshop, Daniele Siragusano discusses the creative and economic benefits of future-proof workflows for today’s storytellers, which start with establishing a look, capturing it on set and refining it all the way through to the final grade. Don't miss your chance to find out about:

  • Introduction to the major grading techniques.
  • Behaviours and limits of different traditional workflows when colour grading an image.
  • Challenges faced with modern digital image acquisition and digital colour reproduction.

During this interactive presentation, Siragusano will also explain - from a creative perspective - how Truelight Colour Spaces help you implement efficient workflows.

Designed for DOPs, DITs, Colourists and everyone interested in colour.

To RSVP click here.



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